Sea Breeze Pacific Regional Transmission System, Inc (SBP-RTS)

is a joint venture between

Sea Breeze Power Corp. of Vancouver (TSX-V: SBX)
a Vancouver-based renewable energy developer
Boundless Energy LLC., of York Harbor, Maine
a transmission and utility engineering company

SBP-RTS is currently developing :

West Coast Cable

Triton Cable

SBP-RTS was the early stage developer of the Juan de Fuca Cable, which is currently being developed by Sea Breeze Pacific Juan de Fuca Cable, LP - a partnership between Sea Breeze Power Corp., Boundless Energy NW, Inc., and a fund of EIF Group, a New York based private equity fund manager. For more information on the Juan de Fuca Cable, please visit

Videos On HVDC Technology


Shows the effect of continuing
to rely on aging Infrastructure,
old Technology and minimum
Reliability Standards.


Shows our vision for future development
using renewable resources & the most
efficient & reliable modern
Transmission Technology.


Presentations for Download

Electrical Transmission
in Context:
Past - Present - Future

EUCI Conference
San Diego, CA
January, 25-25, 2007

The Impact of Technology
Selection on Stakeholder
Acceptance & Permitting

San Diego, CA
January, 25-25, 2007